I Killed Facebook…Again

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Greetings cats and kittens, I know it’s been awhile. I blog the way some people go to the gym. At first I’m so excited to do it…and then I’m like oh crap. I have to do this EVERY week? I’d much rather sit on the couch eating Ho Ho’s while watching[…]

My First Trip To Los Angeles

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Greetings Gillermaniacs. It’s been awhile and that’s all on me. I know I don’t call, I don’t write. I just show up out of the blue one day and expect you to forget how long it’s been since we blogged. But look at this face, how can you NOT forgive[…]

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Performing My Hour: Cautionary Tales

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Ladies and gentleman mark your calendars. I’m very excited to announce I’m doing my first hour/one man show on August 1st at 8pm at Space 55 in downtown Phoenix.  It’s gonna be Raw, Honest & F*cking Funny.   Get your tickets now!