Cautionary Tales

Be Careful What You Wish For…

promo-posterAs small children our parents always taught us to go after our dreams. My mom used to say “you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it and work hard.” Well, what happens when you go head-on after your strongest desires and don’t achieve them? How do you get over the sting of failure? Mike Gillerman chose to write a comedy show about the experience.

Mike has taken his tragic story of moving to New York to pursue comedy and ending up homeless and turned it into a hilarious opportunity to skewer himself and a world he clearly doesn’t fit into. From being a super tall jew in a short non-jew world to growing up in Arizona as a white guy who identified as black, Cautionary Tales is less one-man-show and more standup comedy in it’s purest form; Telling really funny stories with some biting social commentary mixed in.

What People Are Saying

“Mike Gillerman is funny. He has the gift of being able to take life and humorously explore it on stage. His show Cautionary Tales succeeds in doing exactly what it should do, make the audience laugh. But even more so, it allows them to think about the world differently.”

Dan Hull/Winner of the Phoenix Mayor’s Arts Award in Creative Writing

Mike has flawless timing. The content was witty and hilarious with just the right amount of raunchy delightfulness. He’s a true artist. He may be broke, but there’s no doubt he’s an inspiration.

Rickie Rosales/Featured Performer TAD Concerts

“This show was fabulous. The material was clever, unique and hilarious. The delivery was done with poise, and a comfort that made watching it that much more delightful. What an enjoyable evening all around.”

Betsy Marks/Professional Speaking Coach for Apple

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