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I Killed Facebook…Again

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Greetings cats and kittens,

I know it’s been awhile. I blog the way some people go to the gym. At first I’m so excited to do it…and then I’m like oh crap. I have to do this EVERY week? I’d much rather sit on the couch eating Ho Ho’s while watching Chopped. The mystery ingredient is updated content, and I forgot to put it in my bouillibaise(sp?) with white wine reduction.

Quick update on a couple things. First off, speaking of Chopped, I’m going to be judging in a comedy version of the show. They said, we need someone snarky are you available? I said, Go fuck yourself, I’m in. Here’s what happens. 4 comedians get mystery topics. They have a set amount of time to write about them and then myself and the other judges will decide who’s gonna be Chopped. I suggested we use an actual cleaver and raise the stakes. They mentioned something about “insurance issues.” Pussies. I’ll also be doing a set. I’ll prob just make fun of stuff. It goes down Wed April 20th at The Laugh Factory. Details are below


The other big news I have to report is that I deactivated my Facebook account. I know my younger fans are like gross. Who still uses Facebook. Don’t fret chitlins I’ll still be sending you vanishing pictures of my dick on SnapChat and GroupMe and Ibottom and whatever time wasters Apple expects me to download to “connect” with my fans.

Truth is I hate Facebook. I hate pretty much all social media. However I value my Gillermaniacs and keeping you updated on what’s going on in my world is an important part of the being funny game. So I’m focusing my energy where I think it’s going to be most beneficial. Instagram and Medium. If you don’t know, Medium is Twitter’s blogging platform and truth be told I actually like it. I know stop the presses. I like something. Now if Medium starts covering itself in glitter….

Medium lets me truly express my rage the way it’s meant to be read…long form. None of this 140 character bullshit. I get to rant and rave and offend PC people with my actual opinions of controversial topics. For example, stop calling Donald Trump Hitler. That’s an insult to Hitler. Adolf didn’t have social media. He had to spread hate the old fashioned way, grass roots marketing.

I’m also putting in a lot more effort on My YouTube page, *cough, cobwebs*. I promised you all my web series Ask An Unfabulous Gay a long time ago and I’ve finally found someone who wants to help me film it. In addition a good friend of mine wants to start a comedy website and I have a BUNCH of sketches I want to film. I’m branching out with my funny and expanding the Gillermaniac army.

For one of my first Medium articles I actually wrote about WHY I killed Facebook back when I did it the first time in 2014. Everyone who’s read it has told me they identify completely. Well let’s just say I still feel the same way and nothing has changed. If anything it’s gotten worse. Do you relate? You can read it here and find out

That’s all for now,